Tiger in a Tropical Storm Surprised – Henri Rousseau, 1891

Yesterday morning, I left the house early so I could run some errands before work. The Central Line, however, had other ideas and decided not to work. Even though it happens far too often, it’s even more of an irritation on a Monday morning.

As I can’t bear changing onto the Victoria line at Highbury & Islington station, I decided to travel on the Jubilee line and change at Waterloo, onto the Bakerloo Line.

During rush hour, the Jubilee line is slow and packed, even getting on at Stratford wasn’t enough to secure a seat. Once I got onto the Bakerloo Line, my journey immediately perked up. After the crowdedness of the Jubilee line, the trains were relatively empty which meant that the blueberry tart I was carrying got its own seat! Opposite me, instead of the usual terrible adverts, I spotted this:

My journey continued to get even better when the train doors opened at Charing Cross as I saw one of my favourite things in all of London –  that stations’s ode to Henri Rousseau‘s Tiger in a Tropical Storm Surprised. If I’d have been sat anywhere else on the train, I’d not have had such a good view of it, but I did, and I like to think fate had a hand in where I’d chosen to sit on the train.

And it was a good omen. Like the tiger in the painting, I was surprised by yesterday. In a good way. Very much so.


The poem is part of The Poetry Society‘s Poems on the Underground series. The poems are available to buy.

Images courtesy of The Poetry Society and me.

Copyright © 2012 · All Rights Reserved · By Way of the Green Line Bus

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